The Di-Acro Power Bender is ideal for producing consistent, quality bends in tubing, pipe, and solid materials. Increase your productivity and versatility by tooling up for a wide variety of bending applications. Basic to the Power Bender is a driving spur pinion gear on which either the No. 6 or the No. 8 Head Assembly can be setup (see ‘Choosing a Tooling Head Assembly’ under Tooling Options).
  • Actuated by a large 4" cylinder, produces 3,500 ft-lbs
  • Self-contained hydraulic power unit has a large 10 gallon reservoir which provides additional cooling
  • Powered by a quiet and efficient piston pump
PLC-controlled bending improves reliability, repeatability, and reduces setup time.
  • The control package includes an ergonomically positioned two-hand safety switch for added operator safety
  • Operates in manual or automatic mode
  • Digital displays of “real-time” bend angle and parts counter are standard
  • Desired bend angles are easily inputted with keypad entry
* All electrical components are within UL compliance MODEL 6 - 8 BENDER MANUAL