Project No. 3

The weekend is almost here + the snow is still in full force (here in good ‘ol Minnesota) – so you may need a project to pass the time, and maybe some coffee to take the edge off!

Take a peek at our Project No. 3.

Happy Friday!

Welcome 2019 & Sub Zero Temps!

We survived it. 60 below zero with windchill.

It has been unusually cold here in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean we’re not hard at work.

Trucks are behind, roads are icy, and snow is STILL falling.

BUT, we have machines on the shelf!

We have Rod Parters and Model 1A, 2, and 3 Benders ready to skid and ship to your doorstep or loading dock!

Project No. 2

Just in case your weekend needed another project…check out this table lamp!

There is a plethora of 1970s wire work throwback going on lately.

And, this project is both simple and practical – what more can you ask for?

Happy Friday!

The Craftsman’s Promise

Here at Di-Acro, producing quality product is of utmost importance to us – it’s why our brand has maintained its reputation of superior quality across so many decades.

It is also the reason why Di-Acro initiated the The Craftman’s Promise in the 1970s – a personal guarantee by each assembler that every machine was built to the rigid standards set forth by Di-Acro.

At this time, Di-Acro was represented in 70% of high schools and vocational schools. We’ve continued this legacy, and continue to offer educational discounts to ensure students have the best tools available!

It seems promises these days are few and far between, BUT we maintain The Craftsman’s Promise – and stand firmly behind our robust, American made machines!

Project No. 1


Since you haven’t heard from us in awhile – we figured we better come back with something good.

And, here it is…check out this project!

Decades ago, Di-Acro published a series of project plans to show that our machines are not just for manufacturers – they can be used to create functional items for your home as well.

I’m hoping to try out this project myself (i’ll keep you posted).

We’ll be sure to blog more plans soon, so check back!

Also, we’d love to see what you’ve ingeniously created on our machines – send it on over to [email protected]!



Custom Di-Acro Tooling

So, it’s been awhile – I know. BUT, when you don’t hear from us – it’s because we’re busy delivering on new machine and custom tooling orders! We’ve been extra busy this summer working on a myriad of intriguing applications that have kept our engineers hard at work, and our team excited to see the versatility of our machines being utilized and appreciated!

The image above is tooling designed for a customer of ours that performs metallurgical testing. The tooling even fits into this custom cherry wood box made by a local Minnesota cabinetmaker!

Have a custom application you need assistance with? Call us at 651.342.1756!

Machines on the shelf!

Happy Spring! We’ve been busy here & have a handful of machines on the shelf – for once.

1 – #1 Bender
3 – #1A Bender
3 – #2 Bender
1 – #4 Bender
3- #2 Rod Parters

Grab them while you can – we can ship this week!